January 2015

Northwest Hispanic Ministry Report for January 2015 by Joe Strong

(NWHM 701 W. Blackburn Rd., Mt. Vernon, Wa.98273)

“My daughter has been acting so strange for the last 3 weeks. She acts scared, cries a lot and will not tell me what is wrong.” This young woman is 12 years old and I know her quite well. After her older sister coaxed what was bothering her out, she remained very fearful. Thankfully, her mother informed me about this last Saturday when I was visiting their home. Julia was having a visit by an evil spirit that came night after night and this spirit told her that if she told anybody, that he was going to harm her family. Is this real? I believe so. I asked Julia if she had Jesus in her heart. “Yes” was the answer. I then had a long talk with the whole family about such visitations. We went into Julia’s bedroom and prayed over the closet and room in general. I then prayed with Julia. I spent time talking about Jesus. The next day on Sunday I asked Julia if the force had come back. She smiled shyly and said “no”. Pray for the home of Julia. Her dad is being held in an immigration jail in Yakima. The family of 7 is trying to make ends meet.

“I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” A week before Christmas, I had the privilege of baptizing Alvaro, an inmate in the Whatcom County Jail. After getting permission, I told one of the head jailers that we do not do baptisms in private. So we went down the row of cells and pop, pop, pop went the doors of the cells. Then our group went into the large recreation room where we had a ceremony with a large coffee mug of warm water being poured over Alvaro. It was a time of great joy and an unforgettable experience. Many people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through jail ministry. I also received my first letter sent from prison from my friend Lopez. He wrote me that he is going strong and that God is continuing to move in his life.

Our Christmas party was a huge success. We had over 100 people attend and the Sunday School had another amazing program. Our event takes over 3 hours and is always fun. It is a highlight of our church year. We always end with a delicious meal and the kids getting small bags to take home. I am very appreciative of the volunteers who teach Sunday School and provide child care.

I want to thank also those of you who support this ministry. Keeping the people who I write about in your prayers and financially contributing to keep us going, are huge. Stay tuned for further info about our banquets this spring.

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